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Our Residential Skylights Help You Enjoy the San Antonio, TX, Sun

Some rooms need more natural light than a window can provide and the best solution to that is residential skylights in San Antonio, TX, from Skylights Co. Our products cut down on your need for more electric lights and provide an energy-efficient buffer that only lets cool air in or out when you want it to. We also work with many businesses for all of their commercial skylight needs, from installation to repair. If you’re in the market for new ones, reach out to our staff for a consultation. We’re happy to discuss the project and offer a free estimate.

Our team has supplied residential and commercial customers around the region with energy-saving skylights. To help you decide on one, we visit your property to examine the roof pitch, attic space, and other variables. With our help, you’ll know the job is done right.

The Skylight Advantage

Brighten up your interior spaces while improving your property’s energy efficiency. Skylight installation services are a great way to make improvements to your home or place of business. New skylights are a sound investment since they successfully unify aesthetics and functionality.

Skylights provide natural light to any space. As roof-mounted windows, they are useful for rooms that do not get much sun, such as bathrooms. A distinct benefit to using more skylights is that it lessens your dependency on electricity. Turning on the lights uses energy, and the costs add up. A skylight means you’re reaching for the switches less often, increasing your energy savings over time.

When you are looking for a better way to heat and cool your home; skylights add insulation to your property as well as letting in the sun’s warmth. The position of the skylight makes it easier for heat to enter an area. By adding skylights to your property, it will be easier to keep rooms comfortable.

Shedding Light on Any Building

Our residential skylights are a welcome addition to any home. Whether you choose our popular atrium or a more standard model, it complements your design and delivers a bright and vibrant feel. Our customer support includes full installations to ensure years of flawless service and enjoyment from your new addition. We handle all of the details, from frames and trim to drywall, shingles, and electrical work. Once it’s sealed with saline, it’s raised for a terrific look that doesn’t leak. Most jobs take just one day to complete, and while prices vary, the cost is generally $1,000 to $2,500.

Because Mother Nature often batters skylights with hail or bakes the seals with blistering heat, there’s a strong need for skylight repair. If yours is damaged, we can fix it for you and give you peace of mind in rain or wind. We highly recommend our 10-year warranty on all installation jobs since you never know what the weather will bring.

Whether you are considering an installation or need repairs, you can always count on us for skylight services. Our team is comprised of thoroughly trained and experienced professionals that handle every aspect of skylight installation service. Whether for your home or business, we provide the solutions you need to brighten your space.

Enjoy the sun’s glow wherever you want with skylight services from our team. Contact us to request an estimate. We are based in San Antonio, TX, and provide skylight services throughout the United States.